Sustainability programme and management

Sustainability programme and management

Together we will make a better place to live

Our new sustainability programme, Together we will make a better place to live, realises our group’s mission, in which sustainability is a central theme. The programme contains both long- and short-term goals, and its policies are based on the UN’s sustainable development goals and the UN Guiding principles on business and human rights.

Our mission is to produce benefits and services that generate well-being for our owners – in other words, our customers. However, well-being means much more than just economic well-being. With our co-op members, we will make a better place to live. As a major operator, we have a considerable impact on the present and on the legacy we leave for future generations. Foresight is therefore important, and our sustainability programme will extend until 2030.

Our sustainability programme has three themes:

  • Towards a new normal of sustainable consumption – together, one step at a time
  • Towards sustainable growth – by respecting natural resources
  • Towards an equal world – by removing inequality

sustainability programme 2030

Towards a new normal of sustainable consumption – together, one step at a time

We encourage our customers to make healthy and sustainable choices. Our goal is that in 2030, at least 65 per cent of the food we sell will be plant-based, and 80 per cent will be produced in Finland. We will also ensure the improvement of animal welfare. We promote Finns’ carbon-neutral transport.

Towards sustainable growth – by respecting natural resources

We consider the nature and climate in our choices. Our decisions help preserve diverse living environments and species. In 2025, we will remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we produce. We are moving towards halving the amount of food waste, and we promote the circular economy.

Towards an equal world – by removing inequality

We welcome all people as equally important. We take care that our own and our partners’ employees are treated fairly in Finland and around the world. We display products’ manufacturing sites and the country of origin of their main ingredients in order to track human rights matters. We are a common to all, non-discriminating and diverse S Group.

Sustainability management

Our corporate sustainability is guided by our values: focus on the customer, accountability, continuous renewal and profitable operations. In addition to following our values, we operate in line with the themes and guidelines of the Best Place to Live sustainability programme.

SOK’s Sustainability unit is in charge of strategic goal setting and determines the focus areas of S Group’s sustainability development. The business area-specific sustainability objectives and procedures are defined jointly with the business units and subsidiaries and the Sustainability unit.

The Sustainability unit guides and monitors implementation and reports regularly to the heads of business management, the Corporate Management Team and SOK’s Executive Board on sustainability development as part of the management system. In addition, SOK’s Executive Board approves the S Group-level sustainability principles and programme as well as the strategic policies. Policies concerning products and services are prepared jointly with the business areas. Sustainability matters are regularly discussed with regional cooperatives through internal groups and forums.

Advisory Group

S Group does not know everything. Therefore, we have set up a sustainability Advisory Group of external experts to assist us. The Advisory Group is an integral part of our sustainability management and steering model.

The Advisory Group’s experts support and challenge us in corporate sustainability development. Its purpose is to produce information about new opportunities, best practices in corporate sustainability, innovations and risks related to the operating environment. In addition to the Director of Corporate Sustainability, S Group’s CEO, Executive Vice President and business operation management participate in the Advisory Group’s work.

External members of the Advisory Group:

  • Mikael Fogelholm, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, University of Helsinki
  • Minna Halme, Professor of Management at the Aalto University School of Business, specialised in responsible business operations
  • Pirkko Harrela, Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, UPM
  • Aleksi Neuvonen, futures researcher, the Demos Helsinki think tank
  • Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament
  • Liisa Rohweder, Secretary General, WWF
  • Leo Stranius, Director, Sustainable Future, T-Media
  • Markus Terho, Project Director, Sitra
  • Katja Toropainen, Founder, Inklusiiv

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