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Having an impact on Finns’ daily lives

More than 2,000 of our employees are experts in various fields. Around 1,500 of them work in demanding positions related to business operations and support and service functions.

We have a wide range of experts working in IT, data analysis, financial management, communications and marketing, as well as in the development of retail, travel business and restaurant operations.

In S Group, you will have an impact on Finns’ daily lives: on what they eat and how, on what types of hotel and restaurant experiences we offer and on what kind of refuelling experiences we can offer at ABC stations.

We are here for our co-op members, whose daily lives we improve through numerous digital services. Data is one of our most valuable assets, and we use data to provide our co-op members with interesting, meaningful and smoothly running services. For example, our experts have helped us replace paper receipts with electronic receipts delivered to mobile phones.

We want to be the leading European operator in the service sector, and we work actively in international networks. Some of our experts are very actively involved in global operations in sustainability and procurement, for example.

We offer Finland’s widest range of employee benefits!

Get to know us


Hannu Tarvainen works as Process Development Manager at SOK. His first step within S Group was the S-Trainee programme for university graduates.


For Marianne Uimonen, Digital and CX Development Lead, the most meaningful aspect of her job is developing services directly for customers.

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