Having an impact on Finns’ daily lives

More than 3,000 of our employees are experts in various fields. Around 2,000 of them work in demanding positions related to business operations and support and service functions.

We have a wide range of experts working in IT, data analysis, financial management, communications and marketing, as well as in the development of retail, travel business and restaurant operations.

In S Group, you will have an impact on Finns’ daily lives: on what they eat and how, on what types of hotel and restaurant experiences we offer and on what kind of refuelling experiences we can offer at ABC stations.

We are here for our co-op members, whose daily lives we improve through numerous digital services. Data is one of our most valuable assets, and we use data to provide our co-op members with interesting, meaningful and smoothly running services. For example, our experts have helped us replace paper receipts with electronic receipts delivered to mobile phones.

We want to be the leading European operator in the service sector, and we work actively in international networks. Some of our experts are very actively involved in global operations in sustainability and procurement, for example.

We offer Finland’s widest range of employee benefits!

Why work for S Group?

Studies show that people enjoy working here: we study our employees’ job satisfaction every year, with excellent results. We are main partners of the Oikotie Responsible Workplace community and are committed to complying with its seven principles of responsibility. And furthermore, we offer the most extensive employee benefits in Finland.

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At the core of business development

In the development of our business chains, you can have a direct impact on our customers’ experiences and daily lives. Can customers find the oat milk carton they are looking for at their neighbourhood store? Do we remember our customers’ special days? Was it easy to book a hotel or restaurant? Were customers able to pick up their groceries on their way to celebrate midsummer at their summer cottage, and were they also able to recharge their electric car? These are but a few questions for which our specialists seek answers.

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IT and digital services for our customers and employees

An increasing number of customers are making purchases and using services online, and digital services are here to stay. In the digital world, we need more IT and digital skills. In addition to our customers’ digital experiences, our IT specialists have an impact on the work experiences of our more than 40,000 employees by supporting and developing the use of digital tools in S Group.

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Our design organisation produces knowledge of customers and people for business

Our design specialists ensure that we solve the most significant problems for our customers. They work in close cooperation with business operations, develop services based on customers, and ensure that we address the entire customer path. SOK Design is a close-knit design community which develops S Group’s design capabilities and resolves design challenges across business areas.

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Responsibility for the construction, maintenance and energy efficiency of more than 2.5 million square metres

Kiinteistöässä covers a lot of ground, and you can see the impact of your work while maintaining the support and inspiration of a small work team. Kiinteistöässä employs professionals in construction, property maintenance and energy efficiency who are responsible for our stores, restaurants, hotels and many other buildings.

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Treasurers cover an incredible scale

SOK’s financial and funding professionals support our businesses by providing comprehensive service solutions. SOK Finance’s professionals are responsible for the development of S Group’s financial activities and the provision of financial and payroll services for S Group as a whole. The scale is incredible considering that wages must be paid accurately to more than 40,000 employees.

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Finland’s largest media company

Our communication and marketing professionals work with our well-known brands, are responsible for S Group’s strategic communication and impact, and take care of our media services, including Yhteishyvä, one of the most respected magazines in Finland, and our various digital platforms.

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Together, we create a better place to live and work

To us, having a career in S Group means that we offer intellectually challenging and varied jobs, while listening to people. Here you can work with skilled HR professionals who are guaranteed to teach and improve you along the way. SOK Human Resources employs specialists in HR planning, recruitment, competence development, employment relationships, remuneration, wellbeing at work, and HR systems and services, as well as our business units’ HR Business Partners.

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Hannu Tarvainen works as Process Development Manager at SOK. His first step within S Group was the S-Trainee programme for university graduates.


For Marianne Uimonen, Digital and CX Development Lead, the most meaningful aspect of her job is developing services directly for customers.

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