Ethical principles
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Ethical principles

SOK Corporation's Code of Conduct

SOK Corporation is part of the S Group network of companies, the purpose of which is to produce services and benefits to the members of the regional cooperatives, in other words, co-op members. Our daily operations must meet the ethical expectations set for SOK Corporation by various stakeholders.

SOK Corporation's management and supervisors are responsible for thoroughly inducting personnel on the Code of Conduct. Complying with the Code is a duty of every employee of SOK Corporation.

The Code of Conduct is supplemented by S Group's responsibility principles and various operating policies. These supplementary rules must be in line with the Code of Conduct.

1. We listen to the customer

Because we are a cooperative form of business, our operations focus on the benefit of our owner, that is, the co-op members. We develop our operations by listening to the customer. We are accountable for the products and services we sell to our customers and help our customers to solve any problems arising from such products or services.

2. We operate openly and with integrity

We keep the promises we make to each other, our customers and other stakeholders. We engage in open dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders. We communicate our operations transparently and openly.

3. We respect and value each other

Our operations are based on equality. Our behaviour towards each other is professional and fair – we do not discriminate against anyone. We value each other's work. We respect each other's individuality and the diversity of our work communities.

4. We compete in a fair way

We treat our partners equally and fairly. We adhere to good retail practices. We emphasise our own strengths, not our competitors' weaknesses. We collaborate with sector organisations and other associations in the development of our industry within the framework allowed by competition legislation.

5. We are incorruptible

We do not accept or give bribes. Gifts of minimal value and hospitality inherently associated with our business operations are acceptable. We always act in the best interests of our company and do not let our personal or related party interests influence our decision-making.

6. We comply with good corporate governance

We adhere to good governance at all levels of our organisation. Our operating methods and governance are transparent. In our operations, we comply with good retail practices, the agreements we have signed and the operating guidelines we have accepted.

7. We respect human rights

We are committed to respecting all internationally recognised human rights. We promote them in our own operations and also expect our partners to do so.

8. We operate responsibly

We systematically develop the responsibility of our operations, listening to our stakeholders. We seek partners whose operations are in harmony with our values and principles and who are prepared to develop their operations.

9. We take care of the environment

We recognise and monitor the environmental impact of our operations. We work to prevent any adverse effects and to implement best practices in terms of the environment.

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S Group whistleblowing channel

S Group is committed to operating openly, transparently and in compliance with ethical principles. We want to monitor how well these ethical principles are reflected in our daily operations. We therefore provide a confidential reporting channel, or whistleblowing service, for reporting any suspected violations.

S Group whistleblowing channel

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