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Our Expectations for You

Have you got a great product suitable for S Group's assortment? We are constantly looking for new products to be sold in our retail chains Prisma, S-Market and convenience stores Sale and Alepa.

Are You a New Supplier?

If you are offering your products to S Group for the first time, please fill in our supplier preliminary data form. When you have done this, we will contact you shortly.


Launch Windows and Assortment Schedules

Packaging guidelines

Hereby attached are the S Group's criteria of sales unit packages to the stores from the logistical point of view.

In the near future logistical automated product handling will increase significantly. In these new guidelines we are specially focusing on the packages and pallets handled in modern automated distribution center.

This guidelines also describe criteria of S Group's shelf ready packages. The criteria are used for assessing the shelvability of sales unit packages as part of the sourcing and selection process. The pallet section specifies the criteria for pallets."

Packaging guidelines

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Grocery and Consumer goods Supplier Reporting

S-Group enables Suppliers to report sales and forecast of Supplier's own products in S-Group Supplier reporting system.

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Contact Information

HSVP, sourcing, Food and consumer goods Jari Simolin, Tel. 010 76 87030,

Division Managers:
GroceriesVP Anne-Mari Lilius,
Tel. 010 76 87104,
Fresh food, frozenVP Kim Strömsholm,
Tel. 010 76 87080,
Fruit, vegetables, flowersVeli-Matti Puhakka,
Tel. 010 76 87120,
Daily non-food products, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages; tissue papers, hygiene and cosmetics, pet supplies, diapers, sports nutritions and vitamins, batteries and light bulbsVP Juha Valtonen,
Tel. 010 76 81656,
Consumer goods:VP Riikka Vanha-Aho,
Tel. 010 76 87124,
ClothingRauno Pentikäinen,
Tel. 010 76 81480,
Home, electronics, books, stationaryAnne Hagman,
Tel. 010 76 81630,
Sports equipment, footwear, bags, toys, domestic appliancesRobert Lakner,
Tel. 010 76 87039,
DIY and hardwareAnita Tuohino,
Tel. 010 76 81640,
Product master dataMiika Sipilä,
Tel. 010 76 87072,

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