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Service station stores

Service station stores

ABC stations live in the rhythm of traffic

The employees at the ABC stations are professionals with multiple skills in retail, cooking and catering. The work is shift work and may also include night shifts, depending on the location.

The rhythm of traffic determines the content of a working day at an ABC station. The employees’ work is characterised by variety.

The customers range from lorry drivers to families with children, for whom breaks are particularly important.

The employees prepare delicious meals for customers, as well as selling groceries for the weekend. In addition to a wide range of services, ABC stations provide professional drivers with break rooms to ensure that they can make the most of their breathers.

We offer Finland’s widest range of employee benefits!

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Jere Ojala works as a chef at an ABC station and is motivated by professional development opportunities. In his opinion, the most important characteristics of an ABC employee are enthusiasm and a desire to do and learn new things.


Minna Tommo, an ABC service station employee and Customer Service Employee of the Year, is a professional with multiple skills. She works in the restaurant, kitchen and grocery store – that is, practically everywhere. She hopes she can continue to develop her professional skills and perhaps become a shift manager.

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