Key figures - S Group
S Group's key figures
Finance and administration

S Group's key figures

Growth and profitability

We have improved our profitability in several consecutive years. This has enabled us to lower prices and pay benefits to our owners.

We have made significant investments in energy efficiency and logistics, for example, to ensure our profitability in the future. We have reduced food waste from our own operations and have also encouraged our customers to eliminate waste more efficiently.

Key figures


billion Retail sales (EUR)

Our tax-free retail sales result for 2021 was EUR 12,329 million. Sales increased by 5.9%.


million Operating result (EUR)


million Financial benefits (EUR)

Most of the financial benefits we pay to our co-op members consist of Bonus benefits.

Outlets and employees



Our network of locations covers the whole of Finland.



We are the largest private employer in Finland, with a diverse group of experts in various fields.



Energy consumption

Our energy consumption has decreased by over one-third since 2010. We combat climate change through renewable energy and energy efficiency, for example.


Food waste

We have reduced our relative food waste by 18% since 2014.

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