We are owned by our customers
S Group

We are owned by our customers

About S Group

S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors, with more than 1,900 outlets in Finland.

We offer services in the supermarket trade, the department store and speciality store trade, service station store and fuel sales, the travel and hospitality business and the hardware trade. In addition, some of our cooperatives have car dealerships and agricultural outlets in their regions. We provide all of our co-op members with comprehensive banking services through S-Bank.

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Cooperative activities and co-op membership

Cooperative activities are particularly profitable for the co-op members. In such operations, attention is paid not only to financial profitability, but also to social responsibility.

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Values, strategy and vision

The purpose of our operations is to profitably provide our co-op members with competitive services and benefits.

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Business operations

S Group operates in the supermarket trade, the department store and speciality store trade, service station store and fuel sales and the travel and hospitality business.

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Part of Finland

We are creating well-being across Finland. We have approximately 40,000 employees, and are investing in employing young people in particular. We maintain economic well-being throughout the country by making investments, through which we also employ people indirectly.

We also engage in systematic cooperation with stakeholders.

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Cooperative activities emerged from consumers' daily needs. In the nineteenth century, many private merchants in Europe aimed for maximum profit, used spirals of debt to coerce people into continuing their customer relationships whilst neglecting product quality and hygiene. Cooperatives were established in response to these phenomena.

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Annual and sustainability review

S Group’s annual and sustainability review is a comprehensive information package for everyone looking for in-depth information about our key figures and the goals guiding our operations. The report is available online.

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