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Invoicing details

S Group aims to receive only electronic invoices

Online invoice addresses of S Group companies

Electronic invoices bring cost savings for the sender and the recipient, as they reduce the number of work phases and make the processing of invoices easier and more efficient.

The e-invoicing addresses for the S Group companies are available through the link at the bottom of the page.

We request that you comply with the new act on electronic invoicing (241/2019) in your invoicing practices. In accordance with the new act, SOK will only use e-invoicing from 17 June 2020 onwards. The data used for e-invoices must be in accordance with the EN16931 standard.

For more information about what the new e-invoicing legislation requires from your invoices, please refer to your e-invoicing operator. Alternatively, invoices can be delivered via the Coupa Supplier Portal. You can find S Group’s instructions for e-invoicing at Yritysasiakkaiden laskutustiedot (in Finnish).

The table below provides more information on what information to enter into which field on the electronic invoice.

Order number (PO+8 digits)HEADER/ORDER_INFORMATION[@ORDER_TYPE="CO"] [1] /ORDER_NUMBEROrderIdentifier
The name of your SOK contact person or person who placed the orderRECEIVER/CUSTOMER_INFORMATION/CONTACT_INFORMATION/CONTACT_PERSONBuyerContactPersonName
Other requested reference information, such as brand or project nameHEADER/ORDER_INFORMATION[@ORDER_TYPE="CO"] [1] /ORDER_REFERENCEBuyerReferenceIdentifier

Invoices sent by some other company than the one that received the order, such as a financing company

If you send your invoices via some other company than the one that received our order, the electronic invoice must still include your company’s name in the Invoicer/Supplier details (Teapps: Payee element, Finvoice SellerPartyDetails). Information on the company through which the invoice is sent, such as a financing company, is entered in the Other partner details. However, the number of the bank account to which the payment should be made must be included in the invoicer/supplier details (Teapps: PAYEE/BANKS/IBAN_ACCOUNT_NUMBER and Finvoice: SellerAccountID)

S Group e-invoice operator

S Group uses OpusCapita Solutions Oy as its e-voice operator. OpusCapita's operator code is E204503. Please note that North European Oil Trade uses Basware, whose operator code is BAWCFI22.

SOK invoicing adresses for grocery and consumer goods

The request to use electronic invoices does not concern goods purchase invoicing through the EDI services of Inex Partners, North European Oil Trade, Meira Nova and SOK. Such invoices will continue to be transmitted through EDI connections.

GROCERY GOODS SOK PO Box 24, 87788 S-Group PDF-invoices: Telep. +358 10 76 86010

CONSUMER GOODS SOK PO Box 23, 87788 S-Group PDF-invoices: Telep. +358 10 76 86010


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