We make Finland a better place to live

We make Finland a better place to live

sustainable consumption

Towards a new normal of sustainable consumption – together, one step at a time

We encourage our customers to make healthy and sustainable choices. Our goal is that in 2030, at least 65 per cent of the food we sell will be plant-based, and 80 per cent will be produced in Finland. We will also ensure the improvement of animal welfare. We promote Finns’ carbon-neutral transport.

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Climate and natural resources

Towards sustainable growth – by respecting natural resources

We consider the nature and climate in our choices. Our decisions help preserve diverse living environments and species. In 2025, we will remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we produce. We are moving towards halving the amount of food waste, and we promote the circular economy.

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Equal word

Towards an equal world – by removing inequality

We welcome all people as equally important. We take care that our own and our partners’ employees are treated fairly in Finland and around the world. We display products’ manufacturing sites and the country of origin of their main ingredients in order to track human rights matters. We are a common to all, non-discriminating and diverse S Group.

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S Group and Sustainability 2022 cover

S Group’s annual and sustainability review

S Group’s annual and sustainability review is a comprehensive information package for everyone looking for in-depth information about our key figures and the goals guiding our operations.

The report is available here

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