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We make Finland a better place to live

We make Finland a better place to live

Responsibility programme and management

As a major operator, we have a considerable impact on the present and on the legacy we leave for future generations. That is why foresight is important.

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Climate change is already affecting us. Urgent action to combat climate change is one of the UN’s primary sustainable development goals. The problem is global, but everyone can do their part. Companies’ contribution is particularly important.

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Vastuullisuus pääkuva en

The circular economy

S Group recycles raw materials and resources efficiently in line with the principles of the circular economy. We are also continuously identifying new operating models related to the circular economy in order to recycle valuable raw materials and resources even more efficiently and for longer than before.

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Eettinen toimintakulttuuri

Ethical approach

We are committed to respecting all internationally recognised human rights and promoting them in our operations. We expect the same from our partners.

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Annual and responsibility review

S Group’s annual and responsibility review is a comprehensive information package for everyone looking for in-depth information about our key figures and the goals guiding our operations. The report is available online.

Commitment to society

We are committed to promoting the objectives of “The Finland we want by 2050”, a society-wide commitment to sustainable development.


We have drawn up action agendas related to health, food waste, the climate and young people’s employment, as well as reducing the use of plastic bags.

We are committed to:

1 Helping Finns eat more healthily

By promoting seasonal foods By including more vegetarian options in the selections of the ABC restaurants By organising 100 free cooking courses for children By reducing the amount of salt in our private label products By increasing the amount of natural products

2 Including more healthy food options for children in the selections of our grocery stores

3 Reducing food waste generated by our own operations by 15% by the end of 2020

4 Improving our energy efficiency and increasing wind power production towards a carbon-neutral society

5 Reducing the consumption of plastic bags

6 Developing young people into retail professionals

You can read more about our commitments at

The commitment to sustainable development is a long-term collaborative effort between various operators in society to achieve common goals and create “The Finland we want by 2050”.

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