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Part of Finland

Well-being for Finland

We are creating well-being across Finland. We have approximately 40,000 employees, and are investing in employing young people in particular. We maintain economic well-being throughout the country by making investments, through which we also employ people indirectly.

EUR 1.7

billion Tax footprint

Our companies paid a total of nearly EUR 1.7 billion in taxes and payments to the Finnish state and municipalities in 2022.

EUR 6.7

million Sustainability cooperation

More than half of this support was allocated to sports. The remaining amount was divided between social activities, culture and various donations.

Systematic cooperation with stakeholders

A large company like S Group cannot operate in a silo. We are strongly present in Finns’ daily lives, and our operations affect the surrounding society in many ways. As a responsible company, we work to provide our stakeholders with information necessary for decision-making. We openly listen to various parties’ views on current themes, seeking to broaden our understanding. As part of our day-to-day work, we communicate with various stakeholder groups, such as co-op members, representatives of the media, suppliers and political decision-makers.

s-ryhmän sidosryhmät en

We engage in systematic cooperation with stakeholders and measure the results of this work annually. We have identified our key stakeholders, as well as their expectations and effects on us and our co-op members. We have also decided in which type of cooperation we engage with each stakeholder group. The co-op members are our largest stakeholder group. Other groups include the media, suppliers and decision-makers in society, among others. Below are a few examples of our stakeholder cooperation.


As we are part of nearly all Finns’ daily lives, our operations and our co-op members’ daily lives attract wide interest among the media. We actively seek to keep representatives of the media up to date with our operations, and we answer any questions openly.


We openly answer questions and respond to feedback by customers and non-governmental organisations alike. SOK represents the whole of S Group in various advocacy organisations. These organisations supervise the interests of companies in the retail sector in both Finland and the EU. We are a member of the Finnish Commerce Federation, the Finnish Grocery Trade Association, Finnish Textile and Fashion and the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, to name just a few examples.

Through various sector associations, we participate in the operations of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). SOK also has representation in international cooperative organisations.


As a large operator, we have a large number of suppliers of different kinds and sizes. We treat all suppliers equally and adhere to our ethical principles in relation to them. In line with our ethical principles, we operate responsibly and with integrity, and we expect the same from our partners. SOK and the cooperatives have joined the EU register of good trading practices.

Decision-makers in society

We seek to participate in social discussion openly and proactively. Our goal is to engage in a continuous dialogue with decision-makers on the development of the retail and service sector and on issues affecting our operations.

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