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Why work for S Group?

Why work for S Group?

Every employee deserves good management

We have more than 40,000 employees. We are the largest private employer in Finland, with locations across the country, from Hanko in the south to Inari in the north.

Job satisfaction is important to us. Our strengths lie in management and performance in particular. We have Group-wide management promises: I dare, I appreciate and I do. The purpose of these promises is to ensure good supervisory work and management for everyone and further develop the Group’s management culture.

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Our employees work together for our customers. We reward good and profitable performance, and all our employees are covered by a performance-based pay system.

Our intention is to enable all employees to earn their primary income by working for the Group, if they so wish. Although the majority of employees still value full-time work, part-time work is particularly popular among people aged under 25, as well as employees nearing retirement. We offer opportunities for growth and development. We offer coaching for salespeople, experts, supervisors and managers through the Jollas Institute.

Finland’s widest range of employee benefits

We offer Finland’s widest range of employee benefits. In addition to Bonus benefits, our employees get a purchasing benefit at S Group’s more than 1,800 outlets. This purchasing benefit is 3–25%, depending on the cooperative and product. Employees may also receive other cooperative-specific benefits.

Shopping at one of our stores and dining at one of our restaurants is always cheaper for our employees.

Please note! Staff: Sign in to the employee benefits section of Oma S-kanava for more detailed instructions on staff discounts and your accumulated discount.

Sokos, Emotion, Prisma, Alepa, Sale and S-market stores

Groceries -3%

Computers and game consoles -3%

Home appliances and electronics -8%

Other consumer goods -15%

S Group’s restaurants in Finland

All food and beverages -25%

ABC service station stores

Groceries -3%

Consumer goods -15%

All food and beverages -25%

Sokos Hotels in Finland and Estonia

Original hotels: EUR 63 per room per day (single or double room)

Solo hotels: EUR 73 per room per day (single or double room)

Break hotels: EUR 63 per room per day (Oulu and Vantaa: EUR 88 per room per day) (single or double room)

Sokos Hotels in St Petersburg (breakfast not included in the price)

Olympia Garden: RUB 2,400 per room per day

Vasilievsky: RUB 2,800 per room per day

Palace Bridge: RUB 3,500 per room per day

Radisson Blu Hotels in Finland

Standard room (including breakfast): EUR 70 per room per day

Other rooms: -35% off the price for the day

Extra bed for a child: EUR 10 per child (aged 3–15)

Kodin Terra and S-Rauta

Home appliances and electronics -8%

Building supplies -8%

Garden and interior design -10%

S-Bank and FIM

Examples of employee benefits:

Funds: No subscription, switching or redemption fees. FIM Real Estate Non-UCITS Fund and FIM Forest Fund (AIF): no subscription fee

FIM funds (excluding FIM Real Estate, FIM Forest and FIM Passive Europe ESG): no subscription, switching or redemption fees

Free custody of securities and benefits related to transaction expenses

Home loan or investment home loan at a loan margin of 0.65%, reference rate offered by the bank

Credit limit of at least EUR 1,000 for S-Etukortti Visa

Personnel interest on S-Tili account: S-Prime: 0.50%

Prisma stores in Estonia and Russia

Groceries -5%

Consumer goods -15%

The discount rates are recommendations and may vary between cooperatives. Larger discounts may be offered to employees during campaigns. Individual cooperatives may offer separate discounts related to their business operations to S Group’s employees. S Group’s partners also offer discounts to S Group’s employees.

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