Cooperative activities and co-op membership
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Cooperative activities and co-op membership

Noutopiste Prisma

The customer is the owner

Cooperative activities are particularly profitable for the co-op members. In such operations, attention is paid not only to financial profitability, but also to social responsibility.

Our operations continue to be based on the traditional cooperative principles, such as open membership, democracy and equality, as well as bonuses for co-op members and the distribution of the surplus.

With us, the customer is also the owner. You become a co-op member by paying a membership fee.

Equal shares

All co-op members own an equal share of their cooperative. Our numerous outlets with their products, services and benefits are at co-op members’ disposal.

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Benefits for owners

We always offer the best benefits for our co-op members. In addition to receiving comprehensive Bonus and payment-method benefits, co-op members are entitled to discounts at cafés, restaurants, hotels, department stores and speciality stores with the S-Etukortti card.


Benefits for everyone

We are a Finnish group of companies. Most of the taxes we pay benefit our local regions, as do the benefits arising from procurement and construction. Our cooperatives, together with SOK Corporation, are the largest private employer in Finland.

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S Group’s co-op membership key figures

Co-op members (Membership of cooperatives)2 512 1592,471,637
Bonus paid (EUR million)414379
Payment method-related benefit (EUR million)12.310.7
Payment of interest on membership fee (EUR million)2.72.7
Return of surplus (EUR million)55.343.5
Co-op member benefits on average (EUR/member)193176
Become a co-op member

Become a co-op member

As our co-op member, you will own a share in one of the world’s largest cooperative businesses.

When you become a co-op member, you become a member of your regional cooperative, and you will pay your membership fee to your regional cooperative. With this investment, you will become one of the owners of your cooperative, in which each owner holds an equal share.

As a co-op member, you will be entitled to vote in the cooperative elections. Such elections are held every four years to elect a Council of Representatives to safeguard the co-op members’ interests. All co-op members aged 15 or over are entitled to vote in the elections, provided that they have reached the minimum age requirement before the beginning of the election year.

If you have turned 18 and live the area of your regional cooperative, you can also run for membership in the Council of Representatives. As a member of the Council of Representatives, you can have an impact on the development of your regional cooperative. You will also have an interesting vantage point into the regional economy as a whole.

You can become a co-op member by signing a co-op membership agreement. In addition, you are required to have a Finnish personal identity code and a permanent address in Finland. In most cooperatives, you can become a co-op member by paying a partial membership fee when joining. You can accumulate the rest of the membership fee through Bonus, for example, within a specific period of time. A membership fee is an investment that will be returned to you, in accordance with the rules of the cooperative, if you decide to resign your membership. The amount of the membership fee is the same for all members of a cooperative. You can become a member at most S Group outlets.

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