S-group’s supplier data platform S-data

S group's suppliers can get sales data and order forecasts, as well as broader category-level sales data from our cloud-based data warehouse, S-data.

S-data uses the modern Snowflake database service, which has support for several different reporting systems, such as Tableau, Microsoft's Power BI, and so on. The database can be connected directly to the supplier's own reporting or enterprise resource planning system and merged with any other data source.

S-data pricing is based on the granularity of data used and the number of users in S-data. Depending on the level of the data package, the subscription has a one year minimum or more flexible subscription policy. You will receive more detailed price and contract information immediately after you have filled the preliminary information form and you have been identified as an active S Group supplier.

How do I get access to S-data

The first step for subscribing to S-data is to fill out supplier information form for S-data. After you have been approved as an active supplier, you will get detailed description, pricing, terms of use and link to the official order form via email. Filling out the first supplier information form does not oblige you to a S-data subscription.

Please note that the subscription is company-specific (not user-specific) and only S Group suppliers are granted access to S-data.

If several people in a company use S-data, every user must have a personal username and password for data security reasons.

Accessing the platform

You will receive S-data credentials and instructions from SOK after signing the order form. This takes about 1-2 weeks.

Updating the subscription

Changing the existing S-data subscription requires a new contract and can be done via the preliminary information form above, taking into account the notice period or fixed term of the old contract.

Managing user access rights

When S-data credentials are no longer needed, the supplier company is responsible for requesting deletion of the credentials by contacting S-data support assatuki.partner@sok.fi.

N.B! SOK is not responsible for sign-in issues that may be caused by e.g. corporate firewall blockers.

How may we help You?

In all contacts, you will be served by partner support Ässätuki

email: assatuki.partner@sok.fi
phone: +358 10 76 80500

Calling S Group's numbers beginning with 010 costs 0,0835 €/call + 0,1209 €/min from all Finnish landline and GSM subscriptions.

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