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Comprehensive and vocational school students

Comprehensive and vocational school students

Comprehensive and vocational school students

Many Finns have found their first job with us. We employ the highest number of young people in Finland, and more than 25% of our employees are aged under 25.

Your first job is an important milestone. For this reason, we provide each employee with thorough induction training and offer a safe working environment and the right tools.

We offer students summer jobs, internships and part-time work, to name just a few examples, in a nice team.

Practical training

Practical training converts theory into practice. We offer practical training opportunities for students of several fields in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and speciality stores, for example. A trainee is a member of the workplace community and is given varied assignments related to their field.

For vocational students, we offer training agreements and apprenticeships. A training agreement is an agreement on non-paid training to further your studies and prepare you for graduation. An apprenticeship is a fixed-term employment contract over the duration of your studies. The students are assigned a workplace supervisor or designated person who supports learning on the job in accordance with the goals of the studies.

If you would like to fulfil your practical training requirement with us, please contact the supervisor of your selected outlet or location. Please keep in mind that your chances of securing a practical training placement depend on the work situation in the location – that is, the availability of individual supervision for the student.

Job familiarisation (TET)

What is it like to work in a store? How are hotel beds always made so comfortable? What kind of food do children enjoy at an ABC service station on a break during a trip? We offer thousands of job familiarisation and voluntary work (Day’s Work) opportunities each year.

A job familiarisation (TET) period is an excellent opportunity to experience working life and learn about jobs in the retail or restaurant sector or at a service station store. During your TET period, you can learn about working life, take care of assignments and experience being a member of a workplace community. TET periods typically last for one or two weeks. You will learn about various professions and gain work experience and information that will help you choose a career.

Before your TET period, you should think about what type of job or field you are interested in and what you would like to learn during that time. You should also give thought to what would be beneficial for you in terms of your future choice of profession.

If you are interested in completing your TET period with us, don’t hesitate to contact a supervisor at an outlet that interests you. You can find our locations through the location search function(in Finnish).

5 tips for a successful TET period

1. Choose a place you are interested in. Don’t let your parents’ or friends’ opinions affect you too much.

2. Punctuality is important in working life. Arrive in good time.

3. Check any clothing requirements with your TET location. In addition to requirements related to appropriate appearance, there may be requirements concerning the functionality of work clothing when putting products onto shelves, for example.

4. Listen carefully when you are given instructions and don't hesitate to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand. The other employees will understand that many things are new to you.

5. Show initiative and complete your assignments without delay. TET may also be your route to a summer job.

Day’s Work

We participate in the annual Day’s Work campaign and offer job familiarisation opportunities in several locations. Our locations include Prisma hypermarkets, S-market stores, Alepa and Sale stores, ABC service station stores and Sokos department stores, for example.

Contact a supervisor at your chosen location in good time, preferably no later than two weeks before the Day’s Work campaign date. The number of placements in various locations depends on the work situation – that is, the availability of individual supervision for the Day’s Work participant.

You can find our locations through the location search function(in Finnish).

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