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Our fish policy supports more sustainable fishing

Our fish policy supports more sustainable fishing

S Group’s fish policy seeks to protect fish stocks

We procure fish in line with S Group’s fish policy, which is based on the species endangerment classification, the WWF’s seafood guide, the recommendations of the Marine Conservation Society and research data from the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The policy applies to S Group’s centralised procurement and purchases made by the cooperatives in both grocery stores and restaurants within S Group.

The basic principle is to exclude from our product selection fish from fish stocks that are endangered, threatened or subject to overfishing, and the origin of fish must always be known. In addition, undersized or protected fish are not accepted in the product selection. S Group does not approve of the use of environmentally harmful fishing methods, such as fishing with dynamite or toxic substances. Separate criteria concerning fishing areas or methods have been set for many fish species, including prohibition of bottom trawling, or prohibition of using drift nets in tuna fishing.

The fish policy is updated every two years, most recently in 2018.

You can find our fish guide from here.

More Finnish fish for our selections

S Group is committed to increasing the availability and more varied use of Finnish fish. In the Food Manifesto published by S Group, this work is called the fish revolution. We cooperate with fishers and fish farmers.

Our goal is for Finns to eat more Finnish fish in the form of easy-to-use products, for example. This includes making fresh pike-perch and other freshwater fish better available to customers.

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