SOK's director of corporate responsibility receives international recognition

Lea Rankinen, Senior Vice President for Sustainability and CSR at SOK, has been ranked among the top 20 responsible leaders in Northern Europe, according to a recent list compiled by the Nordic Business Report.


"Lea's success is proof of S-Group's European excellence. In other words, our responsibility work which is based on concrete actions receives international recognition," says Taavi Heikkilä ,CEO of SOK.

Number one on the list is Selena Juul, a Russian-born Danish activists who founded the Stop Wasting Food NGO in 2008. In all, the ranking includes three Finnish leaders. Jukka Kurttila, CEO of the textiles company Finlayson, is number five and Mika Anttonen, founder of the energy company St1, is number seven. Lea Rankinen is number 13 on the list.

The essential criteria for evaluating candidates included: their drive towards social and environmental responsibility, the scope of their work, the result of their efforts, and their influence over consumer behaviour. Additional considerations included the future potential and financial viability of their ideas.

Photos: S-Ryhmä

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