Better bonus to customers boosted S Group's sales

Better bonus to customers boosted S Group's sales

S Group's sales excluding taxes increased by 3.9 per cent in January–March and stood at EUR 2 667 million. Sales developed particularly favourably in domestic grocery trade. Both supermarkets and smaller stores performed well.


"Several cooperatives adjusted the tiers of their bonus tables, which resulted in better bonus to customers thereby boosting S Group's overall sales. In domestic grocery trade, sales increased up to 7.8 per cent compared to last year, which outdid the general market development in the field," says Taavi Heikkilä, CEO of SOK.

The growth in grocery sales was supported by the Stockmann Delicatessen departments – transferred to S Group cooperatives at the turn of the year – whose sales developed as expected.

This spring, S Group cooperatives have lowered the tiers of their Bonus tables so that monthly purchases amounting to EUR 900 entitle to the maximum reward rate of 5%. The lowered tiers are expected to result in increased customer volumes over the year and work as an incentive for especially smaller co-op member households to concentrate their purchases to S Group locations.

"In addition to the bonus rewards, the lower prices and high-quality products constitute the cornerstones of our food store operations," concludes Taavi Heikkilä.

S Group's retail sales excluding taxes, Jan–Mar 2018

Business area

Sales (EUR million, entire S Group)

Change in comparison to Jan–Mar 2017 (%)

Supermarket trade*

1 895.8


Service station store and fuel sales



Travel industry and hospitality business*



Department stores and speciality stores






S-Group total

2 666.8


* The figure includes sales in Russia and Estonia. The supermarket sales figures for 2017 also include the operations in Latvia and Lithuania. 

Easter taking place in March boosted the supermarket sales and had an adverse effect on the sales in the travel industry and hospitality business.

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