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S-Group Supplier portal Terms of use


S-Group Supplier Portal Service (later the "Service") is a service for the S-group suppliers, which allows the S-group supplier to forward and supplement the product data.

Personal data relating to the Service shall be processed in accordance with the data and data protection legislation of the S-group personal data records. The technical functionality of the service requires the use of cookies or similar technologies, which identifies the user.

Terms of Use and Parties



S-group supplier whose information is maintained in the S-group's person registers.https://s-ryhma.fi/en/dataprotection/sgroups-person-registers


SOK (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta) is responsible for the Service.


S-group consist of Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) and cooperatives with their subsidiaries and associates (excluding S-Pankki Oy).

Service Provider Contacts

Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta

Postal address: PL 1, 00088 S-RYHMÄ

Visitor address: Fleminginkatu 34, 00510 Helsinki

Service inquiries


Tel: 010 76 80500


Suppliers are invited to the service, allowing the supplier to receive an identification and password. The username and passwords of the service are personal and may not be disclosed to another.

Identification tools can be added to the Service as a result of service development.

If the Service IDs are lost, the Supplier may renew the forgotten password or username The customer support service

Provider's support desk


tel: 010 76 80500

Responsibilities of identified supplier

Identified Supplier shall be responsible for all the measures he has made in the service. If the Supplier uses the Service on a joint-purpose device or device that is accessible to other users, At the end of the session, the Supplier will always log out of the Service, erase the terminal cache and ensure that passwords are not stored in the terminal memory.

If the Supplier suspects that he´s ID has been taken over by third party, the Supplier must promptly change his or her password or contact the Support service to close the account. Supplier support email: assatuki.partner@sok.fi, tel: 010 76 80500


The Supplier is responsible for the operation of the terminal equipment, the software, the telecommunications connections and their costs and for up-to-date security.

Product data required for the service

The Supplier is responsible for the accuracy of the product data he has provided to the Service. SOK shall not be obliged to verify the information that Supplier provides. SOK is not responsible for any damage or disruption caused to the supplier or a third party by incorrect product information provided by the Supplier.


The Supplier is responsible for ensuring that he uses the Service legally and does not infringe the rights of others. SOK reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove content from the Service that is illegal, infringing or in violation of these Terms of Use. In cases of misuse, SOK has the right to disable the Service or restrict its use.

Product data entered in the service

The Supplier is responsible for the correctness, accuracy and legality of the product data entered into the Service. SOK shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or disturbances related to the service or its use, nor for any related losses or costs based on the information provided by the Supplier. SOK grants the Supplier a limited right to use the information about the Supplier.

The supplier shall inform SOK of any changes to the information concerning the 1. Contact person 2. Address and e-mail address

SOK responsibilities and rights

Service usage and its data

The service is always available in principle. Service interruptions are possible due to maintenance, upgrades, maintenance, interference and other similar reasons.

Compensation for damages

SOK is not liable for any consequential or consequential damage resulting from interference or errors in the Service. SOK shall not be liable for damage caused by force majeure or due to the unreasonable failure of the S Group.

SOK is not responsible for the operation, content, services or products of online services utilizing the Service, nor for the loss of the supplier or third party, unless SOK is a provider of the service.

The intellectual property rights of the Service belong to SOK. The Supplier has a parallel license to use, store and transfer personal information and product information contained in the Service. The Supplier has a responsibility for the accuracy of the product information.

Changing, updating, and suspending Terms of Use

Changing Terms of Use

SOK continually develops services, resulting in a change in the form, use and content of the Service. SOK may modify or update these terms of use on the basis of development or other reasons. SOK will notify you in the best manner it deems to change the Terms of Use.

SOK's right to update and suspend service

SOK may update the Service or close the Service at any time. SOK reserves the right to suspend the use of the Service either in full or in respect of a particular supplier if the Supplier fails to comply with the terms of use or when SOK has reasonable grounds for suspecting, the Service or the Service information is used for unlawful purposes or in a manner that may cause harm or damage to the S Group or to any third party.

Resolving disputes

The Terms of Use shall be governed by Finnish law, irrespective of the country and by which technical means the Service is used.

The disagreements relating to these terms of use are primarily to be resolved by negotiations between the Parties.

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