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Quality and responsibility requirements

We will sign a written sourcing framework agreement with all our suppliers. Please see our quality requirements for each product group below.

Responsible sourcing

By signing S group’s sourcing framework agreement, suppliers agree to follow the ethical operating principles of amfori BSCI, and we expect the principles to be implemented downwards along the sourcing chain.

S group’s requirements for responsible sourcing
BSCI Code of Conduct ethical principles
Terms of implementation
Amfori BSCI reference document
Amfori BSCI glossary
List of risk countries amfori BSCI 2021

By signing S Group’s sourcing framework agreement, suppliers agree to follow sustainability policies mentioned in the quality and responsibility requirements:

Delivering goods

It is important to follow packaging and delivery instructions, to ensure a smooth goods reception and delivery. Please see the attached instructions for delivering goods.

Delivery instructions

Packaging guidelines

Hereby attached are S Group's and Inex Partner Oy’s criteria for pallets and sales unit packages in the different phases of the supply chain.

In the new guidelines, special emphasis is placed on the manageability of packages and pallets in the modern logistics center that utilizes automation, as well as in our store environment. The supplier is responsible for packing the pallets in the correct manner.

In addition, the guidelines describe criteria for shelf-ready packages. The criteria are used to assess the shelf-readiness of sales unit packages as part of the S group sourcing and assortment process.

Packaging guidelines

Video instructions for grocery and consumer goods suppliers

Product images

Product images are one of the most important factors regarding sales and the appeal of products in online channels. Images are also an important part of product information. The aim of SOK is to provide consumers with images of each product on sale. In addition to online channels, SOK utilizes product images, for example, for internal processes, marketing channels, and marketing material.

Product image guidelines

Product recall

A food article is considered unsafe if it is harmful for health or unfit for human consumption (see decree 178/2002/EY, article 14). Requirements concerning animal fodder can be found in the same decree, article 15. Consumer goods and other goods and appliances must meet both the general safety requirements (2011/920) stated in the consumer safety law, and requirements concerning the article imposed by special legislation applied in Finland and the EU.

The store and distributors are obliged to help producers, manufacturers, and importers to remove products from the market, if the hazardous product is no longer under the immediate supervision of the original supplier in question. A company may also issue a product recall for reasons other than product safety.

In product recall cases, deliveries of, and/or the recall notice for the defective product to S group’s stores, must always be done prior to external announcements. The announcement is made to the category manager responsible for the product category. The supplier and category manager will agree on proceedings regarding products subject to recall.

Instructions for announcing product recalls

Our contact details

SVP, Category Management & Procurement, Groceries
Jari Simolin
tel. +358 10 76 87030

Fruit, vegetables, flowersVP
Veli-Matti Puhakka
tel. +358 10 76 87120
Fresh food
Meat, dairy, frozen food
Kim Strömsholm
tel. +358 10 76 87080
Fresh food
Fish, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, bakery
Heidi Salmi
tel. +358 10 76 80761
Processed foodVP
Satu Niemenpää
tel. +358 10 76 80134

Anne-Mari Lilius
tel. +358 10 76 87104
Daily consumer goods, tissue papers and diapers, hygiene, cosmetics, sports nutritions and vitamins, pet supplies, batteries and light bulbsVP
Sari Miettunen
tel. +358 10 76 81289
Master dataVP, Development
Miika Sipilä
tel. +358 10 76 87072

VP, Category Management and Procurement, Consumer Goods
Virpi Viinikainen
tel. +358 10 76 80134

Apparel and accessoriesVP
Anne Hagman
tel. +358 10 76 81630
Riikka Vanha-aho
tel. +358 10 76 87124
Consumer electronics, gaming, books, stationery, appliances and toysVP
Päivi Hole
tel. +358 10 76 80711
Sport, footwear and bagsVP
Ville Vahla
tel. +358 10 76 80625
DIY, professional and gardenVP
Janne Paananen
tel. +358 10 76 80902
Master dataVP, Development
Miika Sipilä
tel. +358 10 76 87072

Daily consumer goodsSOK
P.O. Box 24
87788 S-RYHMÄ
tel. +358 10 76 86010
Consumer goodsSOK
P.O. Box 23
87788 S-RYHMÄ
p. +358 10 76 86010

EDI or OVT invoicing must always be agreed upon separately.

Purchase order, delivery information and purchase invoice
SOK Food and Consumer Goods
EDI, SOK IT Services

The call rate to S Group's 010 numbers from all landline and GSM connections in Finland is EUR 0.0835 per call + EUR 0.1209 per minute.

Category responsibilities, groceries

Category responsibilities, consumer goods

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