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The strong growth in sales has lent wings to the Sokos chain this autumn

The S Group’s tax-free retail sales result for January–September was EUR 8,694 million, showing an increase of 1.7 per cent from last year. The travel industry and hospitality business has shown the quickest growth all year, but had stiff competition from the department store and speciality store trade, where the Sokos chain’s sales gathered momentum in recent months.


– The Sokos chain’s sales growth has been particularly strong in the last three months. This shows that it is possible to do well in Finland in spite of the challenging department store trade market. For years, the chain has carried out determined development work, including the improvement of selections, and now we’re reaping the results of that work, emphasises Chief Executive Officer Taavi Heikkilä.

The Sokos chain also opened a new department store, returning to Lohja after a break of a few years. And the other success story of the speciality store trade, cosmetics chain Emotion, is strengthening its position as number one in its class. By the end of this year, we will have 38 stores, when the Tripla and Ainoa department stores in the Helsinki region get their own stores in the near future.

The autumn’s most visible occasion in the S Group’s grocery trade was the launch of The Finnish Recipe for Success products. The demand for many trendy consumer products has exceeded all expectations. In particular, the sales of the innovation competition’s winning product, the Boltsi oats and seed balls, immediately catapulted to the top of the vegetable balls list. It is completely unprecedented for a new product to sell many times more than the previous market leader.

As a whole, the S Group’s consumer goods sales in Finland increased by 1.5% and stood at EUR 5,497 million.

The S Group's tax-free retail sales 1-9/2019

Business areaSales (million €, including the entire S Group)Change 1–9/2018 (%)
Supermarkets 1)6,081.5+1.5
Service station store and fuel sales1,303.1+0.3
Travel industry and hospitality business 2)621.3+3.7
Department stores and speciality stores208.2+3.1
S Group in total8,694.2+1.7
1) This number includes the sales of consumer goods in Finland, Russia and Estonia. 2) This number includes the hotel and restaurant sales in Finland, Russia and Estonia.

Photos: Nico Backström

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