SOK to open two new Prisma stores in St. Petersburg

SOK to open two new Prisma stores in St. Petersburg


SOK will open the 13th Prisma in St. Petersburg on Thursday, 20 December. The Prisma hypermarket is about 8,300 square metres large, located in the Frunzenski district in the new Balkania Nova shopping mall. The 14th Prisma will open on Saturday, 22 December, in the Grand Canyon entertainment centre and shopping mall in the Viborg district. The Prisma hypermarket is approximately 8,500 square metres large.

Prisma Balkania Nova is located in the shopping mall next to the Kupchino metro and train station. There is a ring road near the centre, and the district near-by is very densely populated and developing rapidly.

"In addition to Prisma, the shopping mall will have many other stores, and other facilities such as a movie theatre, a skating rink, curling track, and restaurants. There is parking space for about 2,000 cars. The location has massive potential, and I'm confident that Prisma will be very successful," says  Vesa Punnonen, Managing Director of SOK Retail Int.

Prisma Grand Canyon is also located in a very densely populated area. The busy Pr.Engelsa is near-by, with the metro stations Pr.Prosvescheniya and Parnas.

"Grand Canyon is a popular shopping mall in St. Petersburg. At the mall, people can go shopping and spend time with the family, especially with children. It is fantastic that we got the opportunity to open a Prisma there. We are confident that Prisma and the entire mall will be very successful," says Punnonen.

In late 2012, SOK has opened five stores and a logistics centre in St. Petersburg at record speed.

"Our staff has performed excellently and has been flexible during this busy time: all units have been completed within the intended schedule," says Punnonen.

In total, there will be about 30 Prisma stores in the St. Petersburg area in the long run.

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