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Ilkka Alarotu and Pekka Haverinen to strengthen the growth of SOK Liiketoiminta Oy

SOK Liiketoiminta Oy is seeking strong growth in the travel and hospitality business and retail business in Estonia and St. Petersburg and enhances the implementation of its strategy with the following appointments.


Ilkka Alarotu & Pekka Haverinen

Senior Vice President Ilkka Alarotu from SOK Retail Business chain management has been appointed to SOK Liiketoiminta with the retail business in Estonia and St. Petersburg area as his new area of responsibility. Alarotu has extensive work experience in S Group. He will start as the Senior Vice President, Retail Business in Estonia on 4 May 2020 and in St. Petersburg on 1 January 2021.

Pekka Haverinen, the director responsible for the marketing and corporate communications of S-Bank and FIM, has been appointed Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications of SOK Liiketoiminta. Pekka will be starting in his new position immediately.

“SOK Liiketoiminta is seeking significant long-term growth both in the retail and accommodation businesses. In the next few years, growth will be primarily sought from market trade in Estonia and St. Petersburg. Ilkka’s and Pekka’s experiences will provide us with the necessary boost to achieve our goals and growth targets in the challenging international operating environment. I wish Pekka and Ilkka success in their new demanding positions,” SOK Liiketoiminta Oy EVP, CEO Jari Annala says.

“We want to bring Finnish know-how, services and products to the neighbouring regions. I see a significant opportunity to strengthen our position in Estonia and Russia, by listening to the local customers and by responding to their needs,” Ilkka Alarotu says.

“Stronger focus on customer understanding will open us new avenues in marketing and customer relations management. I’m looking forward helping SOK Liiketoiminta to reach its growth targets,” Pekka Haverinen says.

Photos: SOK

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