Jinat Nasrin Jahan at Prisma Rocca al Mare Store in Tallinn

Estonian Prisma stores lead the way in promoting human rights and multiculturalism

Prisma stores in Estonia were acknowledged in the autumn for their well-managed promotion of human rights. Diversity, equality and fairness for all are emphasised in day-to-day work, in accordance with the S Group’s shared values and human rights principles. The most multicultural Prisma working community is the Rocca al Mare Prisma store in Tallinn, which currently has about 90 employees from nine countries.


Prisma stores in Estonia

  • There are nine Prisma stores in Estonia, with a total of approximately 800 employees from more than ten countries. The staff range in age from 15 to 76. The proportion of women is 87 per cent.
  • The results of the customer satisfaction survey for staff of the Prisma stores in Estonia exceeded the norm for the service sector in Estonia in all indices. The satisfaction rating for the Prisma stores for 2020 is 76.3 (up from 71.4 in 2019).

In September, the Estonian Human Rights Centre and the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs awarded AS Prisma Peremarket, which operates Prisma stores in Estonia, for promoting diversity and community spirit by respecting difference.

“The diversity of our staff is a strength for us. We want to guarantee equal and multi-faceted work and advancement opportunities for everyone. When our staff enjoy working in Prisma stores, it is also reflected in high-quality service for our customers”, says Piret Lankots, the head of personnel development at AS Prisma Peremarket.

“It is important that everyone is aware of their rights and obligations as employees. We operate according to S Group’s common values and human rights principles, for example in providing information to staff.”

Free language lessons

The most multicultural working community in Tallinn is currently the Rocca al Mare store.

“In addition to Estonia, we have employees from Russia, Finland, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Nigeria and Ukraine”, Lankots says.

The staff in Prisma stores in Estonia speak Estonian or Russian. In addition, English is spoken around the office, as is Finnish. The main languages are well taken into account in internal communication.

“We offer all our employees lessons in Estonian, Russian, English or Finnish free of charge and according to their job.”

Working together brings joy

Rocca al Mare’s manager, Marilii Torim, is very pleased with the excellent team spirit of the staff. Nobody is discriminated against.

“We succeed best when everyone is tolerant and takes each other into account. By working together, we also get to know each other better, which increases the sense of belonging”, she says.

“I want to guide and involve everyone so that they feel confident and important in their work. I ask how people are doing every day and talk about possible concerns or ideas.

Shared successes are often celebrated in ways that the staff choose. Last time, we ordered pizza for the whole group”.

Safety and health come first

Ensuring that the human rights of personnel are respected is part of normal working life in Prisma stores. This spirit of caring can be seen, for example, in the updated health programme, which takes into account both the physical and mental wellbeing of the personnel.

“The scale is broad, from regular health examinations to help from a psychologist if needed. We also contribute to the purchase of spectacles and work footwear, for example”, Lankots adds.

During the coronavirus epidemic the safety of personnel and customers is ensured by enacting the same security measures as in Finnish Prisma stores, from protective screens at cash registers to hand sanitation points and recommendations to wear masks and maintain a safe distance from others. Online services have also been developed to meet the increasing demand.

“We have received help with the online store from Original Sokos Hotel Viru, where business has been quieter than usual due to the coronavirus.”

More information about Prisma stores in Estonia: prismamarket.ee

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