Data protection in plain language: S Group data protection website has been renewed

Data protection in plain language: S Group data protection website has been renewed

Today, we published our renewed data protection website which includes comprehensive information about the processing of personal data in the S Group.


We at the S Group are committed to respect the data protection of all of our customers, employees and job applicants. We always process personal data in an appropriate and secure manner, and only to the extent necessary. We process personal data to better serve you.

When renewing the S Group data protection website, our goals were better service and taking into account the data requirements of our different target groups. The renewed website explains which personal data we collect and why, as well as how we process the data. There is also information on how to exercise your rights, i.e. how to check, update or delete your personal data.

Important information for everybody – meaning you

The renewed website includes more information, and the information is more detailed. For example, we added content on our employees and people who apply for a job with us, as well as a FAQ section. The website is also relevant, as we added a news section.

“Our online service is a comprehensive package of information for our customers, employees, job seekers and cooperation partners on how personal data is used in the S Group. By law, everybody has the right to receive information about how their personal data is processed, and companies – such as the S Group – are obligated to provide such information openly and transparently,” explains Heljä-Tuulia Pihamaa, the S Group’s Data Protection Officer.

Using clear language

Data protection is not an easy subject matter. Many people are of the opinion that it involves complex terms that are difficult to understand.

“We have strived to abandon legalese. We want everybody, even the uninitiated, to understand which personal data the S Group processes, for which reasons and what kind of rights they have regarding the data we have saved. Everybody should familiarise themselves with this subject matter,” Pihamaa points out.

The website will be further developed in the future based on changes that occur. Information on any changes to the S Group’s personal data processing will be published on the data protection website, and videos and articles on data protection will be added to the website at a later date.

Further information: Heljä-Tuulia Pihamaa, S Group Data Protection Officer, helja-tuulia.pihamaa (at)

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