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Along with SATO, renewed procedures and forms are implemented

Offers and product data are initially sent by email to SOK’s Category manager, according to the current procedure. You will obtain the necessary offer forms from the Category Manager.

Both processes, as well as submitting the offers and product data, will be flexibly transferred to the supplier portal. The transfer will be executed supplier by supplier after the implementation phase, by following separate instructions.

Offers made by approved suppliers to S group’s chain assortments will be processed in two ways:

  1. The supplier makes an offer of their products to SOK for an assortment period in the chain assortment.
  2. The supplier offers single-purchase product batches, whose prices and complete product data are submitted on a form.

Offers for assortment periods

  • There is a separate form for assortment period offers, which contains our current assortment of your products.
  • Submitting product data is a two-phase process.
  • During the offer phase, brief product data for new items, as well as new offered prices for new items and the old assortment, are requested.
  • After the planning phase we will confirm the assortment and request the complete product data for the selected assortment.
  • We utilize the product data you have stored in the Synkka database.

Making an offer for a batch item

  • There is a separate form for batch items.
  • Due to the nature of the offers, we will request all product data at once, to enable ordering the products from you as soon as possible.
  • We utilize the product data you have stored in the Synkka database.

How may we help You?

In all contacts, you will be served by partner support Ässätuki

phone: +358 10 76 80500

Calling S Group's numbers beginning with 010 costs 0,0835 €/call + 0,1209 €/min from all Finnish landline and GSM subscriptions.

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