SATO - S Group Value Chain Management

The SATO system project will renew and standardize the S group retail functions and data systems

The large-scale renewal work will increase the effectiveness of retail business operations and create new opportunities for digital services. Our goal is to improve our operations control and to develop our operations. Our new data system will require more extensive product and supplier data.

The SATO system project will implement one system environment for the entire S group operations control. The change applies to all retail fields of operation and all chains. The core of the system architecture is SAP.

Our operation models will be renewed, and new forms for offer processing will be implemented. At the same time, the importance of product data and schedules will increase further.

Product data serves processes that are significant for different business activities, such as goods flow management, assortment and sourcing planning, payments, quality control, e-commerce, and digital services. Data stored in Synkka database is utilized in all of our processes.

The SATO project and the renewed operation models brought along with it were implemented on 28th September 2020. The new supplier portal will be opened gradually after the SATO implementation.

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