SOK to open the 12th Prisma in St. Petersburg

SOK to open the 12th Prisma in St. Petersburg


SOK will open the 12th Prisma store in St. Petersburg on Saturday, 1 December. The Prisma store is located in the Frunzenski district, at the busy crossing of Bukharestskaya and Salova Streets. The Prisma hypermarket has an area of approximately 8,500 square metres.

"The location of the Prisma is excellent. The store is located in the same building with the new metro station, to be opened in December, and the Kontinent shopping centre. This is the first hypermarket in St. Petersburg that is located in the same building with a metro station. A large residential area is located nearby, and Bukharestskaya Street is one of the busy main streets of the area, so the Prisma store is easy to access by metro, by car or on foot. A tramline also passes nearby," says Vesa Punnonen, managing director of SOK Retail Int. Oy.

The Prisma offers its customers a parking garage with 640 parking spaces and about 200 outside parking spaces.

The unit was completed in the planned schedule. Prisma is the owner of the store facilities and the parking garage.

"We are proceeding in our Prisma projects according to our strategy. This autumn, we have already opened the Mezhdunarodnaya and Atlantic City Prisma stores, as well as a logistics centre. In addition, at the end of December, we will also open hypermarkets in the Grand Canyon and Balkana Nova shopping centres. In total, there will be about 30 Prisma stores in the St. Petersburg area in the long run," Punnonen says.

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