S Group's sales increased – Hot early summer boosted sales

S Group's sales increased – Hot early summer boosted sales

S Group's sales excluding taxes increased by 2.7% in January–June and stood at EUR 5 610 million. Sales increased particularly strongly in the domestic grocery trade, but strong results were also recorded for other business operations.


"Our total sales continued to increase steadily in early 2018, and the effects of the hot early summer on customer activity are particularly evident," says Taavi Heikkilä, CEO of SOK.

S Group's grocery sales in Finland increased by 5.8%, to EUR 3 562 million. Its growth rate continued to clearly outperform the market in this sector. 

According to Heikkilä, the number of S Group's online grocery customers is also increasing.

"The ease of online grocery shopping is attracting customers. The online food trade increased by 30% from the corresponding period last year.

In other business operations, sales developed as expected. For example, ABC service stations' sales increased across the chain's operations. Hotel sales increased with larger numbers of Finnish and international travellers. 

S Group's retail sales excluding taxes, Jan–Jun 2018

Business area

Sales (EUR million, entire S Group)

Change compared to Jan–Jun 2017 (%)

Supermarket trade*

3 957.7


Service station store and fuel sales



Travel industry and hospitality business*



Department stores and speciality stores






S-Group total

5 610.2


* The figure includes sales in Russia and Estonia. The supermarket sales figures for 2017 also include the operations in Latvia and Lithuania. 

S Group's and SOK Corporation's interim reports will be published on Tuesday 7 August 2018.

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