S Group’s human rights principles respect work done for human rights

S Group’s human rights principles respect work done for human rights

S Group has approved human rights principles that guide its activities and the activities of its partners and describe S Group’s approach to human rights.


The principles describe how S Group identifies and assesses the impact of its activities on human rights. In addition, they indicate the practices S Group has to minimise and eliminate any adverse impact.

The human rights principles also include provisions on supporting a free civil society and defenders of human rights. In practice, this means that S Group does not interfere with any campaigns related to such activities, even if they are directed at S Group. We also expect our partners to do the same.

According to the principles, we can, at our own discretion, also support the work of defenders of human rights in situations that are directly related to S Group’s activities.

S Group is committed to respecting all internationally recognised human rights and to promoting the fulfilment of human rights. This commitment comprises part of S Group’s Code of Conduct, supplemented and specified by our human rights principles. The principles are our company’s internal guidelines and also describe our approach for external stakeholders.

Read more about the principles here.

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