Petri Schaaf appointed General Manager of the Viru hotel

Petri Schaaf appointed General Manager of the Viru hotel

Petri Schaaf starts working as the general manager of Original Sokos Hotel Viru on 1 October. The Viru hotel, which celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this year continues as a favourite for Finnish, Estonian and international guests.


Petri Schaaf, M.Sc. (Econ.), has been appointed as general manager of Original Sokos Hotel Viru. Schaaf will start working in his new position on 1 October 2022. For the past five years, Schaaf has been managing SOK’s hotel operations in Saint Petersburg. SOK sold all of its business operations in Russia in June 2022. Schaaf has previously worked at Finnair as global head of sales.

“Viru is a landmark in Tallinn and important to both Estonians and Finns. I would like to thank Sari for her excellent work during very challenging times. I look forward to getting to know the Viru team and customers better”, Schaaf says.

Viru’s current hotel manager Sari Sopanen will move on to new duties outside S Group. She started working in the position in July 2020.

“I have been proud to be able to lead Viru out of the coronavirus crisis and celebrate Viru’s anniversary together with my team. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the determined Viru team and wish good luck and success to Viru”, Sopanen says.

A strong summer for the 50-year-old Viru

The Viru hotel was opened 50 years ago on 5 May 1972. It has been a pioneer in the hotel business in Estonia for decades. During the anniversary year, a new Day Spa beauty salon and a gym were opened at the hotel. The Viru Centre located in connection with the hotel has also been renovated. Hotel guests can enjoy the shopping opportunities offered by the Centre and the services of the new Food Court under one roof.

The summer of 2022 was very successful for Viru.

“Finns have returned to Tallinn. During the summer, the numbers of guests even exceeded our forecasts, and September has also been very strong. However, Viru is much more than just a leisure destination. We continue to develop Viru as a venue for events. Our goal is that Viru would be customers’ number one choice for meetings and events”, Schaaf says.

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Further information:

Petri Schaaf, general manager, Original Sokos Hotel Viru:, tel. +37256809399

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