Hannu Krook

Hannu Krook appointed CEO of SOK

On Wednesday, 16 December, the Supervisory Board of SOK appointed Hannu Krook, the Managing Director of Co-operative Varuboden-Osla, new CEO of SOK. He will start in his new position at the beginning of 2021.


According to Matti Pikkarainen, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SOK, Hannu Krook was selected in a process with a number of strong candidates both from inside the S Group as well as from other sectors of the Finnish corporate life.

“The candidates on the home stretch all had their particular strengths. Hannu Krook’s advantage was his extremely diverse experience in managerial positions of various sectors outside the S Group, also in international positions. Hannu has been leading very different kinds of companies through various challenges while also looking after the satisfaction of personnel. That is a major merit,” Pikkarainen says.

Hannu Krook, the new CEO , was born in 1965. He graduated as a Master of Science (Econ. and Bus. Admin.) from the Helsinki School of Business in 1992 with a major in international marketing.

Krook’s absolute strength is his diverse management experience among the market leading brands, combined with customer centric approach. Before his position as Managing Director of Varuboden-Osla, Krook has worked as the Managing Director of the Honda importer, Oy Otto Brandt Ab and the global brand house Coca-Cola Juomat Oy, as well as in the world of telecom operators. Heading Tiimari, a public company in crisis, in 2009–2011 provided a challenging managerial experience.

Krook is of the opinion that the connection between customership and ownership is a particular strength of the cooperative group and that this competitive advantage can be brought to date and further refined. Krook wants to further develop the main business area of the group, grocery trade, by securing its growth and strengthening the group’s market leadership.

“Data and digitalisation are two things where we as a group still have plenty of undeveloped potential. This applies to all businesses from grocery stores to the bank and hotels. We urgently need to turn our sights on the recovery of the hospitality and tourism that has suffered from the coronavirus time,” Hannu Krook says, listing his future tasks.

Taavi Heikkilä, the current CEO of SOK announced at the end of August his decision to resign.

“I also want to extend my thanks to Taavi for his excellent service of seven years as the CEO. He is leaving S Group in good condition to his successor,” says Pikkarainen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Photos: SOK

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