SOK, Hanne Lehtovuori: OP

Hanne Lehtovuori to take over as HR Director at SOK

Effective 1 August 2021, Hanne Lehtovuori, LL.M., eMBA, has been appointed HR Director at SOK and member of the Group Executive Team. Most recently, Hanne was with the OP Group. In her capacity of HR Director at SOK, she will lead the development of HR operations in SOK Corporation as well as in the entire S Group.


At present, SOK, the central cooperative producing expert and support services for the regional cooperatives, is in the process of renewing its modes of operation and its organisation. The purpose of the work is to modernize management in particular, and to change the way of doing development work.

As we are the biggest privately-owned employer in Finland, continuously improving HR operations, well-being at work and the working climate. Besides of retail trade, Hanne Lehtovuori  has gained experience in other labour-intensive industries, and is very familiar with the workings of cooperative enterprises. Hanne also has several years of experience of developing lean operations, and thus is extremely well positioned for success at her task. We are very pleased to  welcome her  at this opportune time, to join us in the building of our new mode of operation, says Hannu Krook, CEO at SOK.

– I feel privileged to join such a responsible cooperative retail group as SOK. I have really learned to appreciate the social work cooperative enterprises have done in Finland throughout their long history. The lines of business of S Group are close to my heart. I am really looking forward to working together with the professionals of S Group to improve working conditions in the service sector, and to help work communities succeed in this work in ways that impact the everyday life of our customers as well, says Hanne Lehtovuori.

Photos: SOK, Hanne Lehtovuori: OP

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