SATO - S Group

The process

The supplier offers and negotiates local products with the cooperative. The supplier fills in the product data and prices for products confirmed by the cooperative, on a local product form.

Renewed processes and forms will be implemented with SATO

Offers and product data are initially submitted by email to the person in charge of sourcing in the cooperative. You will obtain the necessary forms from your contact person in the cooperative.

Submitting offers and product data will be flexibly transferred to the supplier portal. The transfer will be implemented supplier by supplier, following separate instructions, after the implementation phase.

How may we help You?

In all contacts, you will be served by partner support Ässätuki

phone: +358 10 76 80500

Calling S Group's numbers beginning with 010 costs 0,0835 €/call + 0,1209 €/min from all Finnish landline and GSM subscriptions.

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