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Tips for filling in a job application form

How can you stand out when filling in an application form?

Focus on the first impression

How you start your application and the first impression you make are important. You will go a long way if you write clearly about yourself at the beginning of the application form and manage to make us interested. There is no game-changing degree programme in sales and customer service positions. So attitude and personality can be crucial.

Be diligent

You do not need to be a novelist to be accepted, but you should be diligent. Fill in the mandatory fields and check your text for any typos.

Be concrete

Instead of saying you are service-minded or can cope with various people, write down concrete examples of the type of people you have worked with, the working communities in which you have worked, or all the languages you have used at work.

You can also attach your CV

While the application form focuses on the present and future, an effective CV offers a good glimpse of your work history.

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