SOK joins Food Supply Chain Good Practice Register

SOK has joined the EU's Food Supply Chain Good Practice Register. This official registration follows a preliminary agreement on complying with the practices, which SOK signed in April 2013.


These good trade practices constitute an EU-wide, joint, voluntary initiative undertaken by stakeholders in the food supply chain. The initiative seeks to promote good trade practices and contractual freedom as well as to maintain the competitiveness of the European food supply chain.

­'We have evaluated our operations critically and striven to identify potential points for development. Our goal has been to ensure that our operations in Finland comply in all aspects with the principles of good practice. We have also provided our personnel training on the principles and their significance in their day-to-day work', says Jukka Ojapelto, Senior Vice President at S Group Grocery Trade.

According to the principles, stakeholders in the food supply chain must take into account consumer interests, respect the freedom of contract and deal fairly with one another in business relationships. For example, the principles state that agreements should be in writing and are not to be changed unilaterally and contracting parties should bear their own appropriate entrepreneurial risks.

'Self-regulation is an effective way to affect the functioning of the food supply chain and improve its transparency. We hope that these shared guidelines will contribute to promoting principles of food practice in the Finnish food supply chain and enhance the competitiveness of the entire sector', Ojapelto states.

For additional information, please contact:

Jukka Ojapelto, Senior Vice President at S Group Grocery Trade, tel. +358 10 76 80610, email: jukka.ojapelto@sok.fi

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