Now people in Finland can enjoy a bit of luxury at the table: S Group and Tesco announce product partnership

The focus on food in Finland is currently geared towards local sourcing, vegetables and seasonal products, price-consciousness, and a desire to find enjoyment and luxury in everyday life. The product partnership between S Group and Tesco makes available some 200 products that will add a little extra flavour to Finnish meals.


– As part of our endeavour to match customer expectations, we are now addressing the increasing desire for pampering and luxury in everyday life, says Ilkka Alarotu, SVP, SOK Retail Business, about the cooperation involving Tesco products.

Starting today, Prisma and S-market outlets, and Alepa stores in the Helsinki region, will provide a broad selection of Tesco's products including Finest and Free From ranges. In total, the selection consists of some 200 products.

– We are delighted to be working with S Group in Finland to provide a range of great quality Tesco products, and we're looking forward to offering their customers the opportunity to try them for themselves, says Richard Stratton, Head of Wholesale & Export, Tesco PLC.

More "Free From"

Persons following a special diet will find many interesting food choices in Tesco's _Free From _range.

– The introduction of Free From expands especially the selection of gluten-free products in S Group's grocery stores. And best of all: these products are anything but free from flavour, says Katja Tapio, VP at SOK Retail Business.

Finest dining

The new product range is all about taste, in eye-catching and elegant packaging.

– Tesco's Finest range is a triumph of contemporary design and elegance. The products will make you think of enjoying breakfast or five o'clock tea with the royals, says Katja Tapio.

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