Grocery and Consumer goods Supplier Reporting - S Group

Grocery and Consumer goods Supplier Reporting


S-Group enables Suppliers to report sales and forecast of Supplier's own products in S-Group Supplier reporting system. (Tahti reposting and Forecast reporting)

If Supplier has several users, for security reasons each user needs to have their own username and password.

Reporting cost is 25 € / month / account and invoices will be sent two times a year.

My first steps to use the reporting system:

Fill in Supplier reporting form 1

When you have received the instructions from Ässätuki, Fill in Supplier form 2. (Only smartphone users)


How to start reporting?

You will get the instruction from Ässätuki after filling in Supplier reporting form 1.

If you don't have smartphone in use?

Fill in only Supplier reporting form 1. We will provide you a replacement device to the address you have provided in the form.

If I want to remove my access to reporting system?

When the access to Tahti reporting in no longer needed, it is the supplier's responsibility toy to remove user access by filling in the Supplier's reporting access removal form. It is supplier responsibility to remove accesses.

Further information:

If you have further questions or problems contact

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