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Groceries and consumer goods supplier reporting

We enable our suppliers of food and consumer goods to report the sales of their own products on a monthly basis and receive forecasts from our reporting system (Tahti reporting, forecast reporting).

In case there are several persons using the supplier reporting system in the company, each person must have a personal username and password for data security reasons.

25€/user/month is charged for supplier reporting rights. Invoicing is done twice per year.

How do I start using reporting?

Please fill in the basic information form.

You may also familiarize yourself with the reporting system supplier pledge. Please send signed and scanned document by email to Note that the pledge is company specific (not personal).

Begin reporting

You will receive instructions from Ässätuki once you have filled in the basic information form.

If you do not have access to a smart phone onto which the application can be downloaded, please fill in the delivery address details on basic information form 1. A device, which will replace the smart phone mobile application, will be delivered to the given address.

Removing usernames

The supplier is responsible for removing personal usernames and passwords when they are no longer needed. This is done by filling in the form for deleting supplier reporting usernames.

The supplier is responsible for closing usernames and passwords.

Please note! We are not responsible for problems with signing into the reporting system, which may be caused e.g. by the company’s firewall settings.

How may we help You?

Ässätuki is at your service in all matters

telephone: +358 10 76 80500

The call rate to S Group's 010 numbers from all landline and GSM connections in Finland is EUR 0.0835 per call + EUR 0.1209 per minute.

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