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Principles of data protection

For us, the careful and lawful processing of your personal data, is important. The principles of data protection govern all processing of personal data. The purpose of the principles is to ensure compliance with data protection legislation in all processing of personal data. By acting in accordance with our principles, we enable the production of new and improved services for co-op members and other customers of S Group. Through our principles for data protection we also support the needs, profitability and continuity of the business operations of S Group.

Proper, clear and shared ways of operation are a prerequisite for S Group's trustworthiness as a processor of personal data.

S Group pledges the following:

  • We process personal data responsibly and only for previously defined purposes. We tell you in advance to which use we put your personal data. We require our cooperation partners to comply with the same requirements as we do.
  • We care for the proper implementation of the rights of co-op members, other customers and our personnel relating to the processing of personal data. Further information under Your rights.
  • We comply with the requirements of the legislation on data protection in all our business and development activities.
  • We continuously perform risk and effect assessments relating to data protection, and are prepared to protect your information from leaking.

We orient and train all employees engaged in the processing of personal data according to their duties. Our goal is that every person processing personal data is aware of the requirements and instructions relating to data protection and able to perform their duties in compliance with these. S-Group actively communicates to you and internally in compliance with the principles for data protection.

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