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Information on cookies

What are cookies, and for what are they used?

A cookie is a small text file saved by the web browser on the user's device. The cookies contain an anonymous individual identification using which we can identify and count the browsers visiting our websites. We also use cookie-like technology, Web Storage API, or web beacons (such as pixels) for storing similar identifiers. In this information the term ‘cookie’ is used to cover all technologies that function like cookies.

Using cookies we can collect information on how and when our services are used, e.g. from which website the user has come to the service, which of our pages users have browsed, and when they have done so, which product ads users have seen and clicked, which browser(s) users use, We use cookies and other similar technologies for statistical monitoring of visitor numbers and for measuring the effectivity of advertising. We may e.g. collect information from marketing email messages and newsletters to determine whether the messages were opened, and whether they have led to further activities, e.g. visits to a web shop. In order to improve the usability of our websites we may perform brief studies, in the course of which we may record information on cursor movements and clicks on a certain page.

We use cookies for targeting advertising. Users visiting websites of our cooperation partners may e.g. be shown advertising of products they have browsed on our web shop. Users cannot be identified by cookie information alone. When a user logs in on our service, the information gathered using cookies can be associated with an identified user in compliance with the legislation on data security, if the user has approved the use of targeting cookies. We may add web beacons to email letters or marketing materials in order to study the reach of our marketing material.

From time to time, our web pages also contain web beacons set by our cooperation partners and downloaded from such partners´ servers. Web beacons are used for advertising and marketing purposes; they help us compile statistics on how often an advertisement gets clicked and how often that led to a purchase transaction taking place on our or the advertiser's web pages. Cookies set by third parties may follow the user through the websites of S Group and monitor the user’s activities on various web pages.

Managing cookies and data protection

S Group facilitates user management of cookies. Cookies come in four categories. Necessary cookies and performance cookies are on by default. Necessary cookies are essential for the functioning of a website, and cannot therefore be turned off. Using the management tool, the user can separately turn off performance cookies. The use of necessary cookies, performance cookies and web beacons is based upon the legitimate interest referred to in the legislation on data protection.

Cookies relating to targeting and advertising are on, if the user agrees to that. In that case we also identify the user logging on and match the browsing history of the user with the co-op member and customer register of S Group on websites where cookie approval of S Group is in use. More detailed information on data protection in S Group.

The processing of personal data in targeting cookies and advertising cookies is based upon the consent of the user. The user may change the settings of the consent in cookie management. Users can transfer to cookie management through the link below. The changes will not affect data already gathered. To review the digital footprint relating to targeting cookies and advertising, users should log in on My data.

Type of cookiePurpose of cookies and data protection
Necessary cookiesNecessary cookies are cookies that facilitate the use of a service, and process information that is fundamentally important for the operation of the service. This includes information on language settings and other settings of the web service, the contents of the user's shopping cart or the login information.
Performance cookiesPerformance cookies and analytics cookies are set on your device. Using performance cookies we can improve the user experience and usability of our services. Analytics cookies identify returning users and facilitates analysis of the usage of the site. Using analytic cookies we can identify users logging in on S Group web services.
Targeting cookiesTargeting cookies are cookies produced for web services and set by S Group. Using targeting cookies we can offer you individualized services and content, e.g. special offers. Using cookies we gather information on what kinds of content, services and products interest you.
Advertising cookiesAdvertising and marketing cookies are set for commercial purposes. Using advertising cookies we are able to show you advertising on other sites and in social media.

Information gathered

Information gatheredUseCookie type
Google AnalyticsSpecified anonymous random identifier and visits at S Group websitesWe use the information for monitoring visitors and measuring marketing campaigns We do not combine the information with identified customers.Performance cookies
Identification of SOK Web ServicesCustomers’ visits at S Group websitesCustomers who have logged in at one S Group website stay identified for all S Group services. They do not need to log in at the various services.Performance cookies
TNS ScoreCard ResearchVisits at S Group web pagesFIAM produces official statistics of digital visitors at websitesPerformance cookies
CrazyEggVisits at S Group web pagesTesting of websites, so-called A/B testingPerformance cookies
Visual Website OptimizerVisits at S Group web pagesTesting of websites, so-called A/B testingPerformance cookies
DoubleClickVisits at web pages, data relating to the user or advertising campaigns (such as visits at web pages not belonging to S Group that have shown S Group advertising)Targeting and measuring advertisingAdvertising cookies
Adobe Audience ManagerSpecified anonymous random identifier and visits at S Group websitesCreating target groups among visitors at S Group websites in order to better target advertising on other than S Group web pagesAdvertising cookies
FacebookSpecified anonymous random identifier and visits at S Group websitesTargeting and measuring advertisingAdvertising cookies
NostoSpecified anonymous random identifier and visits at S Group websitesPersonalisation, product promotions at S Group websitesNecessary cookies
Google DoubleClickWe use Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers system for displaying advertising on our websites. Google gathers information for their own use. Read data protection information by GoogleAdvertising cookies
New RelicWe use the New Relic cookie for measuring loading times of the website in order to improve the user experience.Necessary cookies

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